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 Wedding Dances 

The list of the wedding dances you see on the left-hand side menu are the most popular first dances wedding couples end up choosing for their wedding day. Now, a lot depends on what first song you are going to go for, and many couples would go for classic wedding first dance songs.

From the moment you know the first song you want to dance to you know more or less what dance it'll apply to. This does not mean you have no choice at all on the matter.

One couple, Thibery and Deborah, went for an 80's Disco type song and asked to turn it into a Viennese Waltz. It can be done and that is what they did and their wedding dance went very well. 

But if you have a special dance type you want for your first dance, go for it, even if you opt for playing classic wedding songs. Or, at least, feel free to talk to Paul and he will be happy to explain how to make it work. It does not matter how many wedding dance lessons you go for, you'll be able to learn one of the following dances.

The most popular wedding first dances are: Fox-Trot | Rumba | Waltz | Jive | Argentine Tango | Cha-Cha | Viennese Waltz | Mambo | Disco | Salsa |

Other dances you can select as your wedding first dance are: Quick Step | Samba | Merengue | Ceroc. These are not that common though. They are fast and a bit jumpy and tend to interfere with the wedding dress.

Call or email now using the details at the top of the page to book lessons for your big day.

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